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About the castle
Castle securities
Better market makes a better world
By a world-class team, so that our leading edge trading and implementation technology, we seek to change the way investors and global market through forecast analysis and high performance computing.
We strive to stand in the most credible and effective financial company time, and attract the best, the most intelligent Castle elite culture, prizes depth research and analysis of rigorous. Our world-class capabilities enable us to meet the mobility needs of a diverse group of institutional clients in all market environments.
Team makes its Mark daily from offices around the world:
London, Chicago, New York,, Hongkong
Sydney Dublin and Toronto
Our leader
Citadel securities leaders are working to change the global market.
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In community
We actively cooperate with the community in the areas where we live and work.
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History of achievement
We recorded our client's preferred destination. Our customers help us to become one of the largest securities dealers across asset classes.
Enter the market making
Rapid growth
Securities (approximately - 2007 - 2006 - Chart
1 billion shares
Securities - to - one million stat
More market
Market share leader
Securities - 20% - 13 graphics
Citadel connection
79 years m-adv
Interest rate swap market
Better market makes a better world
We believe that when market liquidity is stronger and effective, investors have greater opportunities and capital to deploy more effectively. Citadel securities, we are committed to the realization of these goals every day. Our products and technologies for our industry standards, to provide investors with a significant increase in efficiency and new access to liquidity.
Citadel securities is the world leader in creating a transparent and fair market structure. We advocate and help create a fair and open market:
Open all participants;
Transparent pricing and market data;
Central clearing system more stable
1 source: Vista. Measurement based on market orders to perform direct competitors in accordance with the public reports in accordance with the rules of 605 seconds from August 2006 - August 2005.
2 Measurement Based on publicly reported transactions at the end of the second quarter of 12 months in months.
3 measurements are based on the execution of the contract and in the second quarter of the quarter of the quarter of the month of the 12 quarter of the total amount of the total amount of the agency or the principal amount of the clearance is concluded.
4 source: RegOne. Measurements based on stock market orders are executed by direct competitors in the first quarter of 605 rules in accordance with the order of 605.
5 Measurement Based on the daily average volume of single-counted shares of the implementation of the castle through the castle to connect the relevant period of securities.

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