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Castle investment group Investment Group Citadel founder.
To use the fax machine armed, a personal computer and telephone, Kenneth Griffin started from his Harvard dorm trading on 1987 from this small but aspiring beginning, Griffin caught the attention of cooperation partners based in Chicago, Glen Wood's hedge fund pioneer and founder of the Frank Meyer. Griffin's performance earned him the chance to make sure which day would be a castle.
Mr. Griffin founded the castle in 1990 and is the chief executive officer of the company. A variety of financial institutions, Torgovnik Castle group, including the castle, the industry's leading Asset Management Co offbeat castle; securities, one of the leading suppliers of liquidity in the capital market in the United States; and Citadel technology, to solve the investment management technology solutions provider. More than 1250 team members today around the world to work around the world.
Griffin is an active supporter of the cause of social progressive education. He also served as the board of directors of the Chicago public education fund. Mr Griffin is also his alma mater, Harvard University, where he won the pride of his bachelor's degree supporters. Mr. Griffin's good deeds to improve and enrich the lives of others have totaled about 2500000 yuan through personal contributions as well as through the castle foundation $. Most notably, he is the University of Chicago, School of Laurie children's Hospital and the art of making contribution. He also donated $150MM in financial aid to Harvard, the Academy at the time received the greatest gift.
Mr. Griffin is a member of a large number of business organizations, including Chicago, the G100 economic club and the Chicago business club.
Mr. Griffin actively supports Chicago's civil and cultural institutions. He is a trustee of the Chicago Institute of art, the Museum of contemporary art, the Whitney Museum and the University of Chicago board of directors.
Our success is the top talent, relentless focus on research, and the idea of a special ability to make monetary investment driven."
Cooper Adam is the chief justice of the castle. He oversees the functions of Citadel's global law, compliance, transaction management and regulatory affairs. Mr. Cooper is a member of the Citadel portfolio Committee.
Earlier in 1999 to join the castle, Chicago law firm, he is Katten MuchinZavis (now known as the Katten Muchin LLP Luosenman), he practiced for 12 years as a partner.
Mr. Cooper is a leading member of the board of directors of the American Chamber of Commerce and the center of the chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the Buyside General Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago financial markets and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Mr. Cooper served as the two, management fund association, industry trade association, chairman. He testified before the Senate Banking Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee, the house of Lords and the European Central Bank, and that he was the industry's problem. Mr. Cooper also served as the Northwestern University School of law and Law Committee and board of directors of Chicago founder Robert H Laurie children's hospital.

Mr. Cooper received a bachelor's degree in law from University of Michigan and the Northwestern University law school.
Excellent and professional knowledge, Givens. What distinguishes us from the team is the effectiveness of our use of our knowledge and insights into the most challenging issues of the day. On the basis of these experiences, and judgments, from which it flows over time, to deal with new challenges and to draft solutions gives us an advantage.
Gerald A. is the chief operating officer of Beeson castle. He is responsible for the company's key functions, including the Ministry of finance, finance, talent, communications, and customers and partners. Mr. Beeson is a member of the Citadel portfolio Committee. In becoming chief operating officer, in 2008, Mr. Beeson served as Citadel's chief financial officer, who had served as a role since 2003, when he joined the castle in 1993 and was one of the company's first employees.
Mr. Beeson is currently a member of the CTFC Market Risk Advisory Committee, previously served as director of the board of directors of the management fund association and the board of directors of the Clearing Corp. He was appointed in 2007 as a member of the Klein Chicago business "forty in forty" is DePaul University trustees and board of directors of the virgin high school, the big shoulders fund.
Mr. Beeson received a master's degree in business administration, bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago and DePaul University. Mr. Beeson was registered as a certified public accountant in Illinois.
Our business depends on our strong team. We bring together the great people, supported by world-class infrastructure, to get the results.
Alex Lurye is the head of the global portfolio and the risk of the castle. Investment portfolio construction group is a company engaged in the territory and the company's Citadel risk measurement, monitoring and management of independent functions. Mr. Lurye chaired the Citadel portfolio Committee and determined the strategy, corporate and fund overall risk tolerance recommendations.
Prior to joining the castle in 2001, Mr. Lurye set up and led the global foreign exchange structured product group of Lyon credit. He began his career in the foreign exchange derivatives trading and quantitative research in the field of

Lehman Brothers and Warburg dweh.
Mr. Lurye holds a bachelor's degree from the Polytechnic University and an MBA from the New York University.
The combination of rich ideas and the performance of culture is the key to maintaining the innovation and success of the castle.

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